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We value your safety and compliance; so, we reached out to OneBeacon Accident & Health, and they are pleased to present their Occupational Accident Insurance Proposal to members of the On-Demand Independent Contractors Association (ODICA). 

You need to have ODICA Insurance in order to drive with Airspace. You are free to obtain your own ODICA insurance for Airspace deliveries. If you have your own ODICA insurance, you must provide a copy of this insurance which specifically names Airspace Technologies as being endorsed or covered by the policy to partners@airspacetechnologies.com.

HERE is an ODICA insurance option. You can fill out and email back THESE INSURANCE AND MEMBERSHIP FORMS to partners@airspacetechnologies.com to ensure you are eligible to drive with the Airspace platform. HERE is an example of how the forms can be filled out. Want more information on the ODICA insurance option? Click here: Insurance Information


How much will the insurance cost?

  • This will cost you $1.84 per delivery and your payment will be deducted from your weekly payment. The traditional Occupational Accident Insurance would cost about $1,500 per year, on a stand alone basis. The benefit of this program that is now required by Airspace is that there are no upfront costs, and the insurance is simply billed as the deliveries are made. As an additional benefit, Airspace increased the base fare of each trip by $1.84.

I already have my own auto insurance why do I need to get more insurance?

  • Personal insurance typically does not cover the period of when on-demand independent contractors are driving with a platform. This insurance covers you when you accept a request through the Airspace platform and are en route to the first requested pick-up location; continuing while you transport the goods and ending when the goods have been delivered to their final location or when the request has been cancelled whichever is earlier. The period of time does not include usual travel to initial delivery acceptance location or travel from the final drop off location.

I signed up for the One Beacon Health ODICA insurance, when will I start seeing my $1.84 insurance charge deducted from my deliveries?

  • Your $1.84 per delivery will start being deducted July 28th; so, you will see your deduction reflected on your emailed payment statement the following Tuesday.

Now that I have occupational accident insurance, do I still need to maintain my personal auto insurance?

  • Yes, per state law, in order to drive your vehicle, you must have your own auto insurance.

What does the insurance cover?

  • The Occupational Accident program provides the following benefits:

    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

    • Accident Medical Expense

    • Air Ambulance Benefit

    • No age 70 termination date

    • Please see the "Insurance Information" in the link above for more details.

What number do I call when I have a claim?

  • You can call 1.877.441.6274

Do I have to have a digital signature on the enrollment forms?

  • No, you do not have to use a digital signature on the enrollment forms. You can print out the forms, write in your information and provide a written signature, scan or take a photo of the filled out forms, and email them to partners@airspacetechnologies.com.